Outer flaps meet at the top and bottom. The boxes are small and light weight, available in lots of sizes and ideal for sending small objects. Quantities to suit. Taped, glued or stitched joints. All dimensions refer to the internal size.

These are some examples of sizes available, please contact us with your specific size requirement.

Size L x W x H Inches
 76x76x127mm 3x3x5" 
254x152x133mm 10x6x2¼"
115x115x365mm 4½x4½x14½"
178x178x178mm 7x7x7"
213x117x371mm 8½x4½x14½"
229x229x152mm 9x9x5"
280x215x205mm 11x8½x8"
300x210x155m 11¾x8¼x6"
305x229x229mm 12x9x9"
305x305x152mm 12x12x6"
305x305x305mm 12x12x12"
330x255x318mm 13x10x12½"
380x280x280mm 15x11x11"
406x356x203mm 16x14x8"
432x305x254mm 17x12x10"


Performance Packaging (UK) Ltd
Unit 3a Harradines Yard, Short Drove, Earith, Cambs PE28 3QT
Tel: 01353 741990 Fax: 01353 741552
Email: info@ppack.co.uk

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